Are you an Athlete with a Bad Knee? A Weekend Warrior with Back Pain? A Busy Mom with a Sore Shoulder?

Well, SpiderTech may be the most convenient and easiest solution for your aches and pains!

SpiderTech is a non-medicated cotton kinesiology tape that you apply to your body wherever it hurts.

Each Spider strip is made of one continuous piece of tape so that it integrates with the body in a functional manner. The tape has a very specific elasticity built into the weave pattern of the cotton fabric, which mimics the elasticity and thickness of human skin, allowing it to integrate, support and stabilize without adversely affecting healthy ranges of motion.

It is the first of its kind to provide Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape Applications. SpiderTech “Ready to Apply” applications meet the needs of today’s rehabilitative and performance enhancing professionals by providing an influence on pain reduction, injury prevention and performance enhancement.

Structurally, if the tape is stretched and applied over muscles in a shortened position it will provide a mechanical barrier to potentially harmful postures and ranges of motion.

  • Pain reduction: via neural mechanisms that result in the restoration or normal position sense and muscle activation patterns.
  • Prevention: via re-establishing functional joint stability, enhancing the necessary natural healing mechanisms and through smooth controlled limitation of potentially harmful ranges of motion.
  • Performance enhancement: via indirectly decreasing repetitive strain trauma, decreasing onset of muscular fatigue and reducing occurrence of muscle cramping.

Call today to order your “Ready to Apply” SpiderTech tape or to have Dr. Crystal Briand apply the tape for you!