Okay, for those of you who know me, you know how much I love magazines…fitness, food & drink, healthy eating & healthy living, etc…

Well, surprisingly, one magazine that I can’t seem to get enough of is Consumer Reports!

How excited was I to see that in a recent printing, Consumer Reports presented us with an article and associated survery on achieving Relief for your ACHING BACK.

The Consumer Reports Health Ratings Center CR surveyed more than 14,000 subscribers who experienced lower-back pain in the past year but never had back surgery. More than 50% said the pain severely limited their daily routine for a week or longer, and 88% said it recurred throughout the year.

As we know, lower-back pain disrupts many aspects of life!  In the survey; 46% said that it interfered with their sleep, 31% reported that it thwarted their efforts to maintain a healthy weight, and 24% said that it hampered their sex life!

WHERE did they go for treatment?

When back pain goes on and on, many people go to see their GP. While this visit may help rule out any serious underlying disease, a surprising number of the lower-back-pain sufferers surveyed said they were disappointed with what the doctor could do to help. Although many of our respondents who saw a primary-care doctor left dissatisfied, doctors can write prescriptions and give referrals for hands-on treatments that might be covered by health insurance.

So….WHO helped the most?

(See below the % of people highly satisfied with their treatments and advice per practitioner.)


Physical Therapist
Acupuncture Provider
Physician, specialist
Physician, primary care

After only, on average, five or six treatments over the course of a year, survery respondents favoured the hands-on manual approach of chiropractic care. Equally important to note, that more than half of the patients surveyed also wished they had done more exercising to strengthen their backs!

Don’t let an achy back stop you from doing the things you love!

We know that about 80% of the population will experience low back pain at some point in their life. Why wait! Seek out chiropractic treatment sooner rather than later to help keep a healthy spine. People tend to come in only when they are buckled over in pain, but we really need to think of our spine as we do our teeth, using preventative care to stay healthy!

See the article here!